Your holidays in Messanges – Campsite in the South Coast in Les Landes!
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Your holidays in Messanges – Campsite in the South Coast in Les Landes!

During your holidays at the campsite ***** Lou Pignada, you can discover Messanges, a small seaside resort placed at the edge of the ocean and backed by the dune. Located on the road to the lakes, Messanges has the charm of the typical villages of the Landes where the immensity of the beach and the Landes forest is offered entirely to you!

Charming beaches of the Landes.

Fine sand, sun, ocean, swimming and surf ... is what awaits you on your holidays at the edge of the sea! During the summer, the beaches of Messanges are monitored. Ideal for children!

Messanges is also surfing and bodyboarding. You can learn the joys of skiing or take your first lessons in one of the many surf schools in the village. Messanges and its surroundings also offer a wide choice of water activities other than surfing. You can practice stand-up paddle, catamaran and windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking ... Very close to the campsite, the small marine lake of Soustons will delight holidaymakers wishing to swim in a quieter water!

Vue aérienne de la côte landaise à Messanges, de la forêt et de l'océan Atlantique

Messanges and the Landes wines.

The vine was during 3 centuries the main activity of Messanges. Climate change and diseases heralded the decline of the vineyard, which in the 19th century gave the forest its essential economic role. Some vineyards and the sheepfold of Camentron, reconstituted building located on the lakes road towards Vieux Boucau, testify to the village's wine-making past. You can also taste famous "Wine of the Sands of the Ocean", from the vineyard attached to the dunes or cultivated in the sandy plains of the Landes littoral.

Vin de sable dans les Landes

To camp in an ocean of nature.

Messanges has spaces with infinite perspectives open to the ocean, you will be able to feel the exhilarating scent of pines and cork oaks that mingle with the sea wind, discover a fauna and flora ocean, aquatic and forest ... The forest occupies the hilly landscape of the primary dunes very characteristic of Messanges. It is a paradise for birds, small game and many insects. The undergrowth is rich with a suitable flora made of ferns, gorse, broom, arbutus !

You can walk along the Messanges creek that of the Prade which connects the Prade ponds to the north and Moïsan to the south. Here, the landscape and the flora of the still waters contrast with the surrounding pine forest. This unique ecosystem is populated with reeds, typhas, duckweeds, iris, water lilies, hibiscus, but also many species of birds such as ducks, coots, grebes, marcots, teals ... You are totally reconnected to nature !

Forêt de pins des Landes

Messanges, an unusual story.

We are in the 14th century ... a strong storm obstructs the mouth of Capbreton, violent rains are raging upstream of the river ... the tumultuous waters of the Adour sweep along the coastal dune, shaving everything in their path. The landscape of Messanges changes radically with the displacement of the mouth of the Adour until Messanges. For two and a half centuries the village becomes a harbor four kilometers long by five hundred meters wide. It was not until 1578 that a canal was dug and the Adour joined the ocean in Bayonne. The Adour and the port having disappeared, after two centuries of prosperity, Messanges finally becomes the small village that had been in the old.

Dune et oyat depuis la plage de Messanges dans les Landes

Feel free to go camping in the south of the Landes.

From your campsite in Messanges, you can discover the diversity of the Landes country along the small roads that lead to the towns and villages that have shaped the tourist and residential character of the Landes. Travel the Lakes Road through Moliets-et-Maâ, Vieux-Boucau and Soustons, make the descent of the Courant d'Huchet by boat, stroll around the marina and fishing Capbreton, bike ride on the shaded towpaths bordering the Adour, explore the National Nature Reserve Marais d'Orx side of Labenne ... The Landes South Coast are suitable for all your desires and you will return to the campsite many more years to discover all the riches of the region!

Convinced? Don’t wait any longer and rent a cottage, chalet and mobil-home in Messanges or book your lodge at the 5 star Campsite Lou Pignada to spend some  comfortable holidays in the Landes!

Vue aérienne du camping Lou Pignada dans les Landes dans la forêt et à côté de l'océan Atlantique