Your holidays in a camping at the heart of the Landes’ Forest
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Your holidays in a camping at the heart of the Landes’ Forest

Do you dream of crossing the Landes forest and make a nature immersion? So, do not hesitate any more and book your camping holidays in the Landes! At the Landes forest there are pine trees as far as the eye can see, secret corners to discover at the bend of a path, unusual encounters with forest animals, large spaces to escape and landscapes of extreme diversity...The Landes forest is nature par excellence!

Leisure activities at the Landes forest.

In the heart of the largest cultivated forest in Europe, bike paths, hiking trails and leisure centers offer a wide range of outdoor activities: mountain biking in the undergrowth, hiking on marked trails, canoe -kayak on the Leyre river, archery, horse riding, orienteering, stand-up paddle…
If you love nature, the forest of the Landes will be your favorite land to discover, a unique place where the maritime pine is the king! On foot, by bike or horseback, wander in the heart of a rich and unspoiled nature, let yourself be rocked by the sound of cicadas, get intoxicated by the smell of pines with a backdrop of the gentle melody of the ocean waves, that is never far away ... Do not hesitate to ask at tourist offices about guided tours and nature activities that will allow you to discover the wildlife and typical flora of the Landes forest.

Fleuve de la Leyre dans le parc naturel des Landes de Gascogne

The Landes forest through the Vélodyssée: Mimizan - Contis - Léon.

Camping holidays in the Landes is just happiness! A bike is even better! Discover the Vélodyssée's cycling trails in the heart of the huge Landes Forest. On your way, make a stop at Mimizan and take profit by refreshing at the beach.

In Contis, you can climb at the top of the only lighthouse of the Landes, black  and white striped. At Leon, there is the natural reserve of the Courant d'Huchet, an emblematic site of the Landes, which makes you travel to the heart of the Amazonic Landes!

In order to rest before continuing your journey on the Vélodyssée, take a few days at the Camping Lou Pignada! You can relax in the privacy of your mobile home or plant your tent in the middle of the pine trees! Kids will love the Mini farm, the Mini club and the water park with slides and wading pool!

Cycliste au milieu de la forêt de pins dans les Landes sur la piste cyclable Vélodyssée

A detour to the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park.

Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park covers the North of the Landes and the South of the Gironde. You will travel through varied landscapes, from the pine forest to the Leyre valley and the maritime landscapes of the Arcachon basin.

Eco-museum of Marqueze show you how people used to live before in Landes.A train will drive you into a 25 hectares park. There, you can discover traditional houses, entertainements,  daily exhibitions, pets and how people used to work before.What if we tell you that the forest of Landes isn’t really « natural » ?

From the middle ages till six centuries, the Forest of Landes was made of dunes and swamps, drift by wind. As Sand threatened the towns around, in 1857 Napoléon III decided that thousands of pines must be planted instead, and most of the production was gem from resine until late 1970s.Today the forest is mainly dedicated to the wood production.

Ecomusée de Marquèze dans le parc naturel des Landes de Gascogne