The Adour kiwi: 6 surprising things you don't know about this hairy, green fruit

Published on 09/11/2022

Winter is coming and they will soon be back! Who are they? The Adour kiwis, of course! A small sweet and vitamin-rich fruit with unsuspected virtues...

The kiwi, the star fruit of winter. It is even one of the top 10 favourite fruits of the French, who consume almost 2.8 kg of them per year! And the kiwis of the Pays de l'Adour, between the Landes and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, have nothing to envy to those of New Zealand. Here are 6 surprising or unusual things you didn't know about this sweet and slightly acidic fruit that is not lacking in pep!

1. Kiwifruit does not come from New Zealand

Contrary to popular belief, the kiwi does not come from New Zealand, but from China, where it has been eaten for over 2000 years! It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the "Chinese gooseberry" was introduced into New Zealand, under the name "Kiwi" in reference to the country's emblematic bird.
In France, the kiwi tree appeared in the south of the Landes in the 1960s and 70s. Fifty years later, the Adour basin has become the largest kiwifruit-growing area in France, supplying a quarter of the country's production.

2. The Adour kiwifruit sees double

Of all the French kiwifruit, the Adour kiwifruit stands out. It is the only kiwifruit to have both Label Rouge and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certification. This recognition extends far beyond the borders of the Landes region, as the Adour kiwifruit is exported as far as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore!

3. The Landes kiwifruit reaches maturity in late autumn

Present on the shelves from December to May, the Adour kiwifruit is harvested from November, when it is fully ripe. This late harvest gives the Landes kiwifruit time to gorge itself with (good) sugar. Yum, yum! But it is in January that they are at their best, sweet and juicy, tender and melting. There is even a kiwi festival in Peyrehorade in January!

4. The kiwi is THE winter superfruit

Did you know that kiwi is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C? It contains twice as much as an orange! Just one kiwi a day covers all our daily needs. In winter, kiwi fruit is a precious ally in boosting the immune system.
Thanks to its high potassium content (as much as a banana), kiwi fruit also helps to regulate blood pressure. As for the little black seeds, they are an excellent source of vitamin E (3 mg per 100 g) which helps to combat oxidative stress. To be consumed without moderation!

5. Eating kiwis helps you fall asleep

It is often said that you should not eat kiwifruit before going to bed because its high vitamin C content prevents you from sleeping. Well, this is not true! A study by Taiwan's Taipei Medical University has shown that eating two kiwis before going to bed helps you fall asleep more quickly!

6. Kiwifruit is a natural anti-ageing agent

Kiwifruit is rich in carotenoids, plant pigments that help protect the skin from the sun's UV rays. Thanks to its antioxidants, kiwi fruit delays the effects of cell ageing. No wonder it is widely used in cosmetics for its regenerative effects on the skin!
Try a kiwi beauty mask to gently remove impurities and tighten pores without drying out the skin.

So the next time you go to the market to buy your kiwis, look at the label. Demand quality, demand a kiwi from the Adour! More info:

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