Our range of unique holiday rentals for your stay in the Landes
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Our range of unique holiday rentals for your stay in the Landes

You’ll be perfectly aware of the sweet life at our Lou Pignada campsite when you stay in one of our unique rentals. The perfect accommodation for those who enjoy exploring different ways of travelling. For those who want to revive their childlike wonder, and laugh like their children laugh. For those who have a weakness for the irresistible desire to get off the beaten track for their next holiday in the Landes. For all these reasons and more, our “Unique rentals” are for you!

location insolite tente lodge perchée 1 chambre
Perched Lodge Tent 1br.2 people 1 bedrooms
7 m² without toilets
location tente lodge perchée 2 chambres 5 personnes
Perched Lodge Tent 2br.5 people 2 bedrooms
27 m² toilets
cabane sur pilotis vacances landes messanges
Cabin on Stilts 2br.4/5 people 2 bedrooms
31 m² toilets
Ecolodge tent 3br.6 people 3 bedrooms
30 m² toilets

Experience an unrivalled holiday in one of our unique rentals.

Try a new experience in a unique rental at our Lou Pignada campsite in Messanges. To allow you to feel the soft vibrations of the Landes pine forest and the unique energy of the Landes coastline, we wanted to create a range of accommodation that was different from the norm. Choose your accommodation with all the mods cons: perched lodge tents, cabins on stilts or ecolodge tents. And experience a different type of holiday. As a couple, with family or friends, our unusual range will transport you to a uniquely charming atmosphere. 

Sharpen your senses by sleeping under the stars surrounded by nature, to the sound of the rolling waves of the ocean. Unless you prefer to sleep perched in one of our cabins or tents, and get a little bit closer to the green treetops. Whichever you choose, you’ll bathe in comfort alongside our signature eco-responsible approach. 

Vue extérieure d'une tente sur pilotis au camping landais Lou Pignada

Unique nights, precious comfort and easy living.

Drop off your luggage in one of our unique rentals, and enjoy the cosy and welcoming set-up. Basking in an atmosphere worthy of a modern-day Robinson Crusoe adventure, you can make the most of our high-quality facilities. At the Lou Pignada campsite, we are committed to making all of our holidaymakers’ desires heard. So, with children or simply amongst eternal adolescents, our Unique rentals will, without a doubt, make you glow with happiness thanks to facilities designed for your ultimate comfort. Thus, each of our tents and cabins reflects the sweet life of the Landes, with perfectly equipped interiors to make you feel at home. By staying in these timeless rentals, your wooden terraces will feel like a platform overlooking the natural surroundings. A modern interior for a holiday in the middle of the pine forest.

Déjeuner sur la terrasse d'une cabane insolite au camping Lou Pignada dans les Landes