Our range of "First Prices" holiday rentals for your stay in the Landes
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Our range of "First Prices" holiday rentals for your stay in the Landes

Another way of spending your next holiday in our Lou Pignada campsite, while considering your budget. Low-cost accommodation without cutting corners on quality; you’re not dreaming, it really does exist at our Lou Pignada family campsite in Messanges! You just need to find the low-cost rental that suits you for your next stay in the Landes.

bungalow eco premier prix location côte landaise
Eco bungalow4/5 people 2 bedrooms
21 m² without toilets
Mobil home Cosy
Mobile home Cosy4/6 people 2 bedrooms
24 m² toilets

Low prices for a great holiday.

At Lou Pignada, the salt offers an energetic environment and the pine trees provide protection from the midday sun. And of course, our low-cost holiday rentals in the Landes allow you to stay in a low-cost bungalow or mobile-home, while making the most of the facilities and services of our 5-star campsite. Here, you can choose between staying in a bungalow or a mobile home to enjoy your low-cost holiday in the Landes. Your cocoon of happiness is here for the taking on our 5-star campsite. You can choose how many bedrooms you need, depending on the number of guests. Our low-cost mobile-homes and bungalows can accommodate up to 6 people. With such a great offer, the hardest part will be deciding who to spend your holiday with at our Lou Pignada campsite!

Vue sur l'ensemble des mobil-homes du camping Lou Pignada dans les Landes

Our low-cost rentals: a holiday for everyone.

Because life is much more beautiful beneath the sun by the Atlantic ocean, we have thought about those who have a modest budget, but who still want to enjoy the summer days and escape to the forest. You can also enjoy our facilities and all the amenities of our 5-star campsite at a discount price! A fully renovated water park, gym, restaurant service, kids club, entertainment for all ages and evening shows; we have thought of everything and of course, of you, at the Lou Pignada campsite. A golden opportunity to suit all budgets, and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the fresh air of the Landes. For all these reasons and more, see our low-cost range. 

L'heure du déjeuner au camping Lou Pignada à l'ombre des pins