Zero cars concept

Lou Pignada a car-free camping in the Landes

The concept of car zero is simple.

  • Secure outdoor parking where your car is parked.
  • A calm and car-free campsite to enjoy a real family holiday.

A quieter campsite

After a year of work, the holidays are finally here. It is the time of idleness and rest. And at the Lou Pignada campsite, you will really enjoy it!
No more waking up in the morning because of the sound of an engine or door slamming. More nuisance at the time of the aperitif because of the car radio booming of a neighbor disrespectful.
During your stay the sounds of cars will be replaced by the singing of birds, and the smell of escape pots by the sweet scent of the Landes pine!

Thanks to the concept car zero, you will conjugate holidays with peace and nature.

A safer camping for your children

The main advantage of a fully pedestrian campsite is the safety for children, they can play freely and safely, to ride a bike in the alleys of the campsite without running the risk of finding themselves face to face with a motorist, is a real peace of mind for their parents!

How to do without a car?

You may be wondering? The answer is simple, camping Lou Pignada everything is planned so you do not need your car during your vacation.

All services are on site

Restaurant, supermarket, shops, Spa, you will find all these services inside the campsite. You can go there on foot or by bike. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and sympathize with other vacationers.

Direct access to the Velodysée (cycling road)

The vélodyssée is the bike path that runs along the Atlantic coast from Roscoff in Brittany to Hendaye in the Basque Country ... Through the campsite Lou Pignada!

Thanks to it, but also to the many other bike Landes paths, you can visit the towns and villages near the campsite, without having recourse to the car!

Shuttle to the beach

A free shuttle system takes vacationers from the Lou Pignada campsite to Messanges beach (in July-August, excluding rainy days). The beach is located 1.5 km from the campsite is also easily accessible by bike, and can even be a walk.

Again, even to enjoy the joys of the beach, no need for a car.

Our outdoor parking

A proximité immédiate du camping, notre parking est sécurisé par un système de barrière avec lecture de plaque d’immatriculation. Vous pourrez accéder à votre voiture et rentrer/sortir du parking 24h/24.
Il est accessible uniquement au client du camping Lou Pignada.
Votre voiture, elle aussi passera de bonnes vacances.

Une passerelle piétonne relie le parking au camping.

You may be wondering? The answer is simple, camping Lou Pignada everything is planned so that you do not need your car during your vacation.

The concept of zero cars in practice

And in practice, how does this works?

Cars must be parked on the outdoor car park provided for this purpose. On arrival you will be allowed to access your location by car to unload it and to load it on the day of your departure. In addition to these moments, an exceptional derogation is granted for the following cases:

  • Unload purchases
  • Support of PMR at the location
  • Cases of extreme urgency (injuries, beatings, force majeure health problems)
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